Favourite things

One of my favouritests of favourite things to do is to re-read a treasured book. Re-discovering a wonderful phrase, or finding something new I’d missed on the first go-round  means that I always have stacks of books around, books I have often read multiple times, but know that I’ll want to read again. Case in point, in the 10 years after finishing my undergraduate degree I re-read the Lord of the Rings trilogy every summer.   I’m a science fiction/science fantasy nut, my current favourite authors are (in no particular order): 1. Charles de Lint, 2. Guy Gavriel Kay, and 3. Alistair Reynolds. Interesting for a girl who loathed her Can Lit courses, but two of those three (de Lint and Kay) are both true-blue, dyed in the wool Canadians.  In fact some of de Lint’s earlier books were set  in  Ottawa, with characters like the very shy penny men giving Ottawa an Alice-in-wonderland feeling as if anything could and often does happen just around the corner.


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