Children's Fiction

“Sleeping Dragons All Around”

I love this book by Sheree Fitch. I loved it so much my then 3 year old would groan when I brought it out. It resonates with the child in me that knows there is so much that is scary all around, and yet when brought out into the light of day (or reason) turns out to be like so many things, much smaller, and less scary then they were imagined to be.

Sometimes I still go “fast, past” whatever it is that is spooking me, but mostly I can look and see that it is just Fagan the dragon, who smells, or Glump, who snores or the old wrinkly one whose name escapes me, but who sings in his sleep.

: ) Life is a funny thing …


2 thoughts on ““Sleeping Dragons All Around”

  1. Abigail,

    It is so funny that you wrote about Sleeping Dragons All Around today! I was just looking at it at Chapters this morning considering buying it for Kiara for her birthday. Such great memories from reading it in the past.


    1. Poor Alex! He probably doesn’t have such fond memories of it as I loved it WAAAY more than he did. In fact, he was kind of creeped out by the old dragon (whose name still escapes me), we had to skip that page when I was reading it to him.

      I still have my copy and probably always will.

      hugs – Abigail

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