Skiing vs Vet bills hmmm

So I had occasion recently to take one of my dogs to the vet and when I came home and told my significant other how much it cost he shrieked “But that is equivalent to three lift tickets!”. Which made me think. Which is more important, the health of our beloved family pet or the potential (as yet unrealized) ability to ski? Gentle readers weigh in!


2 thoughts on “Skiing vs Vet bills hmmm

  1. Only 3 lift tickets? Can I have the name of this discount vet? Or are you skiing somewhere extravagant? We fell in love with Calabogie, which I believe is in your back yard.

    1. Thanks for taking a look. Well we were planning a trip out west at the time – to Kicking Horse! And I believe I was only talking about three one-day passes! 🙂

      You like Calabogie? I’m afraid my partner is a bit of a ski snob and only believes in skiing “real hills”! Me, I liked Calabogie, but Greg likes the hill at Tremblant which isn’t local enough as far as I’m concerned! We did take our two boys to Kicking Horse this past winter, and had a great time. Skiing was a challenge for me (being the newbie of the group of us) but our boys and Greg were in their element.


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