What makes me feel alive? Slaloming down still snowy hills does. Perfecting my backstance or executing a flawless kata oh yes, that certainly does. Watching my boxers play with each-other, yup, that too. Watching my boys as they teeter on the edge of adult-hood, most certainly. And enjoying the love of a great man – his care and commitment, yes. That. All that and more.

A third-degree martial artist, ten years in. Three years of Tai Chi. Seven years in a blended family with two teen boys and two boxers. And a yen to write but (so far) no space to let the words flower and open. Now I am making time. Making time for me, for creativity, to let my muse come out and play, unbounded and unfettered by must-dos.

If you’ve landed here, stay a while please and leave me a comment (or two). Do you write? Do you parent teens? Are you a martial arts enthusiast? Whatever it is, I’d love to hear, and will do my best to get back to you in good time.

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